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Susan Osborn: Home

Photo Credits: Melanie Flint and Susan Osborn

Spring / Summer 2016

Another very early, but very welcome spring has arrived in the San Juan Islands.  Each thing that buds and blossoms bring joy and freshness.

I am in the midst of working on two projects at the same time.  At the urging of an old friend, I have digitized and am re-mixing, mastering and re-releasing my first recording You Gotta Believe.  So far it has been an absolute revelation to revisit my 29 year old self and listen to her fierce beauty and courage.  At the same time I am still working on a new recording of original songs, Makin' the Two One.  These are songs forged in the last 5 years, nearly 40 years after that first solo effort.  In order to support this work, I have launched an Indiegogo Campaign.  If you are so moved and want to read more and contribute, click the link below, and pass the word along. 

Thank you!  Susan O

Link to Indiegogo Campaign: