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Susan Osborn: Calendar

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Hollyhock Retreat Center

Silence and Song Hollyhock - August 10 through August 15

Cortez Island BC Canada
Price: $545 CND Accommodation and Meals

Singing is an ancient and universal language understood directly from one body to another. Recover the power and mystery of your voice as you ride a wave of emotional energy into your own authentic, glorious sound.

Silence and Song is a deeply meditative listening practice which can lead into a joyous celebration of life in song. Comparable to the Buddhist practice of Tonglen, we breath in the sorrow, grief and disturbance of the world and exhale joy and beauty through the transformative power of singing without words. When we completely exhale, it creates a vacuum in our lungs which makes the inhale automatic and effortless. Listening moment to unanticipated moment, follow the sound of your own voice until it arrives naturally in the silence out of which all things arise.

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