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Susan Osborn: Home

Photo Credits: Melanie Flint and Susan Osborn

Autumn 2016

A beautiful early autumn here on Orcas Island.  We are trying to keep up with the harvest, both from the gardens and fruit trees, and the recording projects.  It has been a very busy summer with visitors from all over.  

Bill Lauf, the co-producer of my new recording project, Glimpses of You, has traveled to Orcas three times this year so we could work.  So many old friends have contributed beautiful tracks! Artists include: Paul Winter, soprano sax; David Darling, cello; Nancy Rumbel,oboe, English horn, ocarina, and melodica; Gordon Johnson, upright bass; Gordon Titcomb, pedal Steel guitar; Charlie Porter, trumpet; Ralf Illenberger,guitars; Bruce Harvie, mandolin and electric guitar; Martin Lund, flute; Kenny Putnam, fiddle; Boyd Bristol, electric guitar; and last but certainly not least, , tenor guitarist Bill Lauf  I am quite overwhelmed by their generosity and their incredible musicianship.  We are in the midst of making the final mixes now. It is a true joy to begin to hear the polished versions emerge in the hands of engineer and Burl audio equipment designer Kevin Columby.


Hoping you are well and happy.  Thanks for visiting my site.